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That depends. Polish castles are generally not very accessible to people using wheelchairs or having other difficulties with walking (steep stairs, etc.). However, we do welcome all Witcher fans to our events -- including those with disabilities -- and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please reach out to us at [email protected] with details on your disability or other limitations, and we'll let you know if we can make the event work for you.

The participant’s safety is a key value for us. Witcher School is preceded by a series of workshops explaining the safety mechanics and tools that are meant to ensure the players have adequate tools to stay safe during the game. Appointed emotional safety staff is available all the time throughout the game to address any issues that might arise and also provide comfort if necessary. A trained medical professional is available on site. Any and all issues can be raised with the organizer team. If you have a suggestion on improving safety at WS - please contact us at [email protected] or anonymously at askanything.com

Out of game The Witcher School has a very firm policy on discrimination of any kind, physical and emotional violence - and such behavior will not be tolerated.

In game it is possible to encounter themes of violence (including sexual), racism, classism, sexism, poverty, war, hunger, disability, sickness, manipulation, etc. It is possible to not have any of these themes included directly in your character sheet, but we do not warrant that you will not come in contact with the mentions of those themes.

No prior knowledge of Witcher lore is necessary in order to enjoy the game. If you’d like to read up - we can point you to some resources.

The Witcher School is for any adult person who wishes to become a witcher - regardless of their gender, personal beliefs or background. To see if this is a larp for you, read our Design Document and make an informed choice about participating. You can also contact us at [email protected]

While Witcher School is indeed modelled after a bootcamp, physical fitness is not a requirement for attending. Activities are opt-out, the players themselves regulate the amount of fatigue, physical labor and the intensity of the game and there are appropriate workshops to allow you to moderate your game.

The places we host the events at have vegan, gluten free and other options, but we need to be notified in advance so we can also inform the venue. It is best to include all such information in the signup form.